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This is an honest look at two arc flash accidents that happened years ago. Both men involved in those accidents survived and have lived drastically changed lives since then. They have told their stories before, but this video includes a “look at the future” – a view of how one of these men is still living with the consequences of his severe accident today, thirty-four years later.

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This video offers insight into the personal and family costs of electrical incidents and is a good introduction to electrical safety theory or a reminder that is an excellent part of ongoing electrical safety awareness for electrical workers





Sr managing partner, e-Hazard/

EXCELLENT JOB GUYS…..I think you really told the human side of Arc Flash accidents






Donnie Johnson


Passionate About Keeping People Safe

Very knowledgeable and passionate about keeping people safe. I would highly recommend Dan to electrical safety whenever needed.


Dan Speaks to Everyone

Dan is a great instructor. He is able to speak to both novice and experienced individuals.


Definitely Holds Your Attention

Absolutely outstanding job teaching this class, as most people I work with struggle with even simple classes, but we all enjoyed this one. Once again, a fantastic class, phenomenal teacher, and GREAT KNOWLEDGE.



Changed My Way of Thinking

This guy just changed my whole concept of electricity in less than one day. Thanks Dan Holmberg.



The first steps in changing unsafe behaviors involves awareness and forcing individuals to contemplate the consequences of their actions.  The focus of this video does just that.



Randy Barnett CESP

Program Manager Electrical Codes and Safety, National Technology Transfer Inc.

“OTHER REASONS” What a heartfelt and honest video.  Being in the oil and gas industry, this is one subject that is usually overlooked.  Having a video that addresses it directly is such an amazing tool for teaching from real life experiences.  I have sat in numerous trainings that had no value or message.  This video touches your soul ant truly makes you think…..this could have been me.  A truly genuine message for each and everyone.  In this day and age, we have so many “OTHER REASONS”  that affect our daily tasks and may not even realize it.


Jennifer Warner

Safety Coordinator, ONEOK Industries

Knowledge and Training Style is Second to None

I attended Mark’s safety training course and found his electrical knowledge second to none. His training style was both subtle and effective. He has a dedication to safety seldom seen. He demonstrated, through his course, all the qualities that I respect, and expect, in a man of his electrical experience. I would recommend his services for anyone wanting in-house training, a top-notch safety coordinator, or an electrical adviser with highly advanced knowledge and understanding of electrical systems and the industry using them. I look forward to his instruction in future training.



Mark is the Real Deal

I have found Mark to be one of the best prepared and conscientious safety trainers I’ve known. He is both meticulous and compassionate. I was impressed by his knowledge of the industry, and his tact and integrity. He is the “real deal.” His work as a professional electrical safety manager and practitioner is praised by clients and colleagues alike. Because his success has come at great personal cost, I believe anyone seeking to improve business and safety outcomes will benefit from associating with this man. I would highly recommend him to anyone pursuing excellent, ethical, and practical service.


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Other Reasons – Arc Flash Safety Video

Other Reasons, a safety video produced by Integrity Learning Solutions, is available to trainers and training organizations worldwide. No video of its kind has been produced in more than a decade.

Learn how Other Reasons can enhance your electrical safety training courses.

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